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Angela Diane Alvarez, better known by her stage name Anjelique, is a Tejano singer-songwriter, performer, and musician. However, Anjelique wasn’t always known as Anjelique. In 1992 at the age of 14, Anjelique began her musical career as the lead vocalist for the Tejano band, Devocion, that was founded by Sammy Alvarez Sr. A few years later, the band decided to change their name to Sweet City Band in honor of the original band name that Sammy Alvarez Sr started back in the 1970’s. Anjelique then became the sweetheart of Sammy’s son and bass player of the band, Sammy Alvarez Jr. They soon were married in 1997 and the Sweet City Band became a family legacy. Isak and Ryan Alvarez, son’s of Anjelique, have now joined the family band as keyboard player and accordion player.

Between the years 1992-2000, Sweet City Band traveled and performed at venues practicing and perfecting their musical craft and decided to record their first album. In 2000, while recording at Melody Ranch Studios in San Antonio, Anjelique caught the eye of music industry veteran, Jack Saenz, who quickly signed her to his newly formed label ZMS Records. Anjelique joined the roster at ZMS Records and released her debut album, "Regressa a Mi", which was released in the fall of 2002. Fueled by the success of the single “Yo Se” the CD began climbing the charts. Other successful hits off the album were "Tu Y Yo" and "Quiero Bailar" featuring Grammy award winner Sunny Sauceda. Anjelique became one of Tejano's brightest faces with the release of her first album "Regresa A Mi".
     Anjelique hit the road in 2005 and began performing throughout Texas, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona all the while gathering material for her second album and energizing crowds around the country with cumbias, rancheras, and ballads.

Later, Anjelique announced that she was taking time off from her career in order to focus on her
family. During that time, she traveled with her husband, Sammy Jr., while he continued to perform as a musician. After a six-year hiatus, it was time for her to get back down to business. In 2011, she released her brand new single “Quiero Ser Yo” and re-released her debut album including “Quiero Ser Yo” and “Como Tu” as bonus tracks.
     Anjelique has been nominated for the Tejano Music Awards “Best New Female Artist” category four times. She was honored and recognized as Top 5 during the 2011, 2012, and 2015 awards ceremony. In 2015, Sweet City Band also received a “Best New Group” nomination.

Anjelique is currently signed on with Zeravla Entertainment; a West Texas-based production, and released her sophomore album titled "The Second Act" which is currently getting airplay all over Texas and surrounding states. Her sophomore album intensifies her passion for making music and for connecting with her audience through the most fundamental ways: entertaining people so they have a good time. It is a credo that has inspired her since her debut album "Regresa A Mi", earning her keep in the Tejano industry, but Anjelique isn’t done yet.

In January of 2016, Anjelique called upon one of her idols and mentor in the business,
Lil Miss Dynamite Shelly Lares, to produce her next two singles. The first release is entitled La Otra
co-written by Anjelique and Elias Barrera and a duet entitled "No Pienses En Volver" featuring Esteven Cerda. Both of the music videos for these songs have had over 22,000 views since their release and the views continue to climb. Also in 2016, she collaborated with the All Female Tejano Group Chikka, lead by Eric Avalos.

Anjelique is currently in the studio and performing on the road with Sweet City Band. Her new album is set to be released in the Summer of 2018. It is will be one of the most powerful CD’s Anjelique has released. Anjelique wanted to create an album that sets the tone of who she is as an artist and a person so she reached out and began collaborating with Grammy award winner Jason Martinez from Electric Cowboys, aka Grupo Vida, to showcase her love for Country and Gabriel Zavala to inspire a song of how hard sometimes life can be but to remember to have fun in life. The CD will also feature a beautiful duet with Shelly Lares entitled “Yo Te Extranare”. Anjelique and Lares both lost their fathers in the same year and this song is a tribute to those who we have lost in life but not forever.
   As one of this generations most likeable, credible and visible talents, Anjelique has established herself as one of Tejano music industry’s top vocalists and entertainers, with a voice, talent, and style that is as powerful as it is recognizable. She leads in a positive and goal oriented mindset to inspire our young Tejanos and Tejanas. She encourages people to keep our culture alive by getting involved in music as a fan or musician and strongly believes in working with other musical artist to show how strong we are as a culture. She is also very active in the community and hosted a First Annual Easter Extravaganza in her hometown of Sweetwater, TX. It was a free live music event in the park where children were the focus with prize baskets and eggs. Anjelique believes very strongly in taking care of our young children. “Our children are our future!” as stated by Anjelique, and encourages them to stay in school and go to college, and being proud of who you are and wherever you come from. “If you come from a negative environment you can still change who you are by your choices and actions”, says Anjelique.

Anjelique is a rare talent with an ability to capture the hearts and minds of fans around the country. She has dedicated the past 26 years of her life to Tejano music as a vocalist, composer, entertainer, and a fan! She has become a sought after entertainer and has high hopes to firmly plant herself at the top of the music scene.

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