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Anjelique & Sweet City Band premiere music video for English cumbia ‘Dreaming’


      Sweetwater, TX — Award-winning West Texas-based Anjelique & The Sweet City Band premiered the official music video for their English cumbia “Dreaming” on Tuesday (Sept. 13). The track is the latest release from the two-time Tejano Music Awards winning group’s current album Sweet City Style.

“Dreaming” was written and produced by Isak Alvarez, son of Anjelique and Sammy. The song first appeared on Isak’s solo EP as a Pop song which is currently available on all digital media platforms. The song took a different vibe with this “Sweet City Style” interpretation. Although the lyrics remained in English, the beat was transformed to a cumbia retaining the feel and rhythm of the Sweet City Band, capturing a unique vibe that Anjelique enjoyed singing.

The song was recorded at Studio Twenty-Nine engineered by Isak A. and mixed and mastered by Eddie Perez, producer and CEO of La Llave Music Group.

“We really liked the beat. It was fun and with its phrasing and wording, we felt related to that younger generation so we wanted to do something that the younger generation could relate to,” Anjelique tells Tejano Nation. “We talked about, back and forth, should we do it all in English, Spanish, or both? Personally, I think it’s a song that has to be done in all English to get the full effect and full vibe.”

The music video, filmed by award-winning director Ryan Bazan at Madstyle Vintage in San Angelo, Texas, portrays a glimpse at the fun side of Anjelique and her husband Sammy’s daily lifestyle and a sweet Slingshot ride courtesy of The Garage Body Shop, LLC in Sweetwater, Texas.

“I think it represents us well as who we are as artists,” Anjelique said of the music video. “I wanted it to be fun. I didn’t want it to be serious and I feel we captured that.”

“Dreaming” is available on all digital music platforms and the band’s official website,


You can watch the video on Anjelique’s YouTube channel @anjeliqueproductions.

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