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Anjelique's latest single 'En Trance' out now!


Following their first collaboration song ‘Groove’, Anjelique and Isak A team up again and bring you “En Trance”. Composed and produced by Isak A and written by Anjelique.

The track really proves a sound from each artist's own respective styles and offers a window into their creativity. Isak A is the son of Anjelique and has been performing with the band since the age of 14. 

 The upbeat pace of the track combines both melodic and hypnotical vocals along with a, deeper  electronic vibe while the addition of the sax brings a cheerful entrancing sound. The lyrics and title are a reference to the feelings of attractive and charming dance moves one showcases. The song entices the listener to construct whatever dance, flow , or moves they feel.

 Part of the joy came from a significant switch up to their recording process. Anjelique said, “We started this song in San Antonio at Slackmonster studio with Sevy Contreras pre -Covid-19. We were not quite sure what to do with the song because it wasn’t finished but we weren’t able to get  back to San Antonio, so we tried something different. We took advantage of the upgrades of technology and finished the song with Isak A and Jimmy Garcia, then sent it to Eddie Perez to  mix  it up and master the song you hear now. Thinking outside of the box, we took a gamble with this song to provide a young, hip, electronic flavor inspired by Isak A along with some Tejano saxophone that music lovers of all ages would enjoy!”              

 Vocals recorded at Slack   Monster Studio. Mixed and mastered by Eddie Perez.

“En Trance   ” will be available on, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and many other digital distributors as well as her official website at

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