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Anjelique follows up with "Como Te Gusta" for her second single of 2021.


West Texas based and Two Time Tejano Music Awards winner Anjelique, along with her band Sweet City Band is excited to announce the release of her latest single, “Como Te Gusta”.

The song lyrics reflect the issue of bullying and being mean which is evident in the minor key of the music reflecting the rough start some people must go thru. “Como Te Gusta” is a song that really hits home with many people as they or their child go thru the teenage years, possibly not being the most popular kid or whatever reason, it is. It is an interesting song in that it finds the person being bullied the victor in the end. As the song goes the bullied person, has a glow up and the song switches to a Major key and she is now saying how do you like me now as she has blossomed and turned out to be a beautiful lady. The guys in the band have nicknamed this song, “The Ugly Duckling”.


     “Como Te Gusta” is a song written by Eddie Medrano, the original guitar player for Sweet City Band which will be featured on her fourth studio album, due out this December. Medrano was also in on the guitar track for this session. The song has actually been in the vault since 2002 when Anjelique released her debut album “Regresa A Mi” and although the song didn’t make the cd, it has come full circle and has now found a place on her upcoming album. The song was produced by Jimmy Garcia, drummer for Sweet City Band and recorded at Studio 29, engineered by Isak A. The song was mixed and mastered by Eddie Perez producer and CEO from Key of E Music.


     “Como Te Gusta” will be available on CDBABY, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3,

Spotify, and many other digital distributors as well as her official website

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