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Anjelique releases "Pensando en Ti" her first single of 2021.


     Anjelique & Sweet City Band continue their impressive run of their Tejano style with a new single entitled ‘Pensando en Ti’, a song that speaks about someone still thinking about their significant other during a breakup.

    This powerhouse Tejano song, ‘Pensando en Ti’, was written by the late Ernesto Garcia, father of Jimmy Garcia, the bands drummer and producer. Anjelique & Sweet City Band recorded the song in memory of the late Ernesto “Ernie” Garcia. Ernie was a great mentor to the band throughout the years. The song’s original vocalist was Ernie’s brother, Don Garcia, who has also passed on. Towards the end of the song, Don’s signature style was his “oooooo yeah!’ during his live performances. Anjelique and Esteven paid a special tribute by adding that particular piece in the song.

    The song was produced by Jimmy Garcia and mixed and mastered by Eddie Perez.

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